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MSGlossKeil, GLThes.PriscianType(s)Lemma: gloss
1b7eII 2,91b1Praefatio211 35 (si ..) imitter: .i. ci insamlar
[‘i.e. if I imitate’] [analysis]
5b27bbII 11,55b8book 1211 35 quod: ol
[‘because’] [analysis]
6b11mII 12,136b7book 1211 35 543 quam: oldaas .c. sain. fri .c.
[‘than c: different to c’] [analysis]
7b5eII 14,77b4book 1211 35 quam: oldaas
[‘than’] [analysis]
7b8iII 14,87b7book 1211 35 quamvis: adas
[‘although’] [analysis]
8a11oII 15,148a5book 1211 35 ([quando]..)inveniuntur: in tan ara·n-ecatar
[‘when they are found’] [analysis]
9a4dII 18,109a3book 1211 35 quod: ol
[‘because’] [analysis]
9a30ttII 19,79a20book 1211 35 quippe: indemin
[‘indeed’] [analysis]
9b2fII 19,129b3book 1211 35 quod: ol
[‘because’] [analysis]
9b7qII 19,159b7book 1211 35 quam: oldaas
[‘than’] [analysis]
15a1bII 30,2015a1book 1211 35 quod: .i. ol
[‘i.e. because’] [analysis]
16a3cII 33,516a1book 1211 35 quamvis: adas {= E 13r3 .i. adass.}
[‘although’] [analysis]
16a6kII 33,716a5book 1211 35 221 quam (ps): oldaas .πς.
[‘than πς’] [analysis]
16a13uII 33,1116a10book 1211 35 quam: oldaas
[‘than’] [analysis]
16b3dII 34,316b2book 1211 35 333 *consequatur: ma do·coisgedar {= L 17v17 c ma du·coscedar cf. E 13r20 .s. sí}
[‘if it follows’] [analysis]
17a22kII 35,1417a3book 135 quanquam: .i. is mút-si am quanquam .i. cinud .. is mút quanquam. adas.
[‘i.e. it is a mute indeed quamquam = although, or: it is a mute, quamquam = all the same’] [analysis]
19b11eII 41,619b2book 14228 35 nam: .i. is airi ní·tabur
[‘i.e. therefore I do not give’] [analysis]
21a13eII 44,621a2book 2211 35 quam: oldaas
[‘than’] [analysis]
22b9nII 46,2722b3book 2211 35 sit: in·díxnaigedar
[‘whether it is’] [analysis]
24a31"xxII 50,1324a16book 2211 35 lanterna: amal in lochairnn ṅ-affracdai
[‘like the African lamp’] [analysis]
25a3cII 51,1725a1book 235 4221 cum: .i. inge in tan bas rann int ṡillab
[‘i.e. except when the syllable is a part (of speech)’] [analysis]
25b23pII 53,1325b8book 2211 35 pars: .i. ol as rann
[‘i.e. because it is a part’] [analysis]
26b24xII 55,426b7book 2541 35 igitur: .i. de dliguth tra inna n-il-toimdden-sin is de gaibthi igitur. quasi dixisset. ní·fail ní nád·tái mo dligeth-sa fair i ndegaid na comroircnech .-
[‘i.e. of the law then, of those many opinions, it is of this that he says igitur; as if he had said; there is nothing on which my law does not touch after the erroneous ones.’] [analysis]
27b9mII 56,1427b4book 2211 35 tam: emith lasna-hí
[‘as much with those (that have)’] [analysis]
27b10nII 56,1427b5book 2211 35 quam: emith
[‘as’] [analysis]
28a21ffII 57,1728a12book 2211 35 (vel) singulis (literis): .i. robu óen-litrib
[‘i.e. either [lit. it can be] by single letters’] [analysis]
39b28mII 85,139b9book 335 prepositionibus: huare con·ecat a ndéde
[‘because they can do the two things’] [analysis]
40a11lII 86,140a9book 3211 35 quod: ol
[‘because’] [analysis]
40a19sII 86,540a16book 3211 35 quod (ac[cidit]): ol do-n·ecmaiṅg.
[‘because it happens’] [analysis]
40a32ggII 86,1540a21book 3211 35 si (sint): adas ma beit
[‘although they are’] [analysis]
59a19rII 137,1059a9book 4211 35 ni*si (s): acht óen limm
[‘save one thing in my opinion’] [analysis]
62a31wII 144,1162a2book 535 4228 invenimus: cetu chummascthai
[‘though they are mixed’] [analysis]
63b6cII 148,7book 5543 35 celsus: as nomen vici
[‘that is the name of a town’] [analysis]
64b19lII 152,11book 535 543 tamen: .i. pauper la ṡuide do ḟemun
[‘i.e. with him pauper is as a feminine’] [analysis]
66b18rII 158,18book 535 quod: ol
[‘since’] [analysis]
69a27ggII 166,869a22book 535 quamvis: bíid insin
[‘that is (although etc.)’] [analysis]
73a9qII 176,773a10book 5211 35 quod: ol
[‘because’] [analysis]
75a36tII 181,20131book 5543 35 que: aní as que
[‘that which is que’] [analysis]
75b29nII 182,20book 535 543 que: ani as que
[‘that which is que’] [analysis]
88,19dII 191,6book 535 quamvis: adas
[‘although’] [analysis]
93a25kII 207,393a3book 64228 35 videtur: as comsuidigthe úad
[‘which is compounded from it’] [analysis]
102b29oII 241,20102b5book 6211 35 quamvis: adas
[‘although’] [analysis]
108a25mII 261,20book 635 543 *quomodo: sic vultus in corpore
109a20kII 264,14book 6543 35 quam[vis]: ciasidbiursa vetus
[‘though I say uetus’] [analysis]
111a39sII 272,15111a5book 6211 35 sicuti: inchrutsa
[‘in this fashion’] [analysis]
114b23eII 284,20114b3book 735 nisi: it pares ám
[‘they are pares indeed’] [analysis]
126a26eII 325,7126a2book 7543 35 sicut: analach són
[‘this (is) an analogy’] [analysis]
140b12cII 378,8140b2book 835 543 unde: .i. huare ṁbís curritur
[‘i.e. since there is usually curritur’] [analysis]
150b36qII 415,3150b7book 8211 35 ut: amal
[‘as’] [analysis]
151a13aII 415,19151a1book 8111[?] 211 35 (sí) inveteraverit: maṡenaigidir
[‘if he grows old’] [analysis]
153a45fII 422,9153a4book 8211 35 quod: .i. ol
[‘i.e. because’] [analysis]
163b19fII 456,2163b3book 9211 35 quod: ol
[‘because’] [analysis]
175a5bII 498,7book 104228 35 quod: .i. hoc est quod diximus
176b22eII 505,10book 1035 quod: ol .i. ideo excipiuntur
[‘because’] [analysis]
181b40nII 526,13181b4book 10211 35 etsi (non): cenid
[‘though they do not (keep)’] [analysis]
189b1aII 553,1189b1book 1135 543 quia: .i. {aicsenogud} quia fri brethir sís
[‘i.e. causality quia goes with the verb below’] [analysis]
193a28lII 564,5193a2abook 11211 35 quamvis: adaas
[‘although’] [analysis]
197b37kkII 579,20197b14book 12211 35 quod (redi[gat]): ol atairbir
[‘because it brings again’] [analysis]
200a5bII 585,24200a2book 1235 4228 cum: .i. is airi niaidlicnigetar/ anmmae. reliqua
[‘i.e. it is therefore that they do not need a noun, etc.’] [analysis]
201b28ccII 590,24book 1235 quod: ol
[‘because’] [analysis]
202b32nII 594,6202b6book 12211 35 quod: .i. ol
[‘i.e. because’] [analysis]
202b40sII 594,13199book 1235 211 quod: .i. ol
207b12eIII 11,17205book 13211 35 quod: ol
208b2bIII 13,22206book 13211 35 quod: ol
209b21iiIII 17,6209book 13211 35 *quo: .i. dú.
210a22kIII 18,17210a7book 13211 35 quod: ol
[‘because’] [analysis]
211b35zIII 22,26211b12abook 13211 35 quod (in): ol
[‘because’] [analysis]
212b3dIII 24,23212b2book 1435 543 (sed) hoc: .i. cenodchosmailigetar hicumscugud aiccend
[‘i.e. though they are alike in changing accents’] [analysis]
212b31pIII 25,21212b11book 14543 35 de: (m.d.) .i. fortórmach/ .de. apud graecos in fine/ ⁊ comacomol ai/ri cia beith in fine
[‘i.e. δὲ is an addition with the Greeks at the end, and it is not therefore a conjunction though it be at the end’] [analysis]
213a6cIII 26,6213a1book 1435 4228 quia: .i. is airi insin darigensat
[‘i.e. it is therefore they have done it’] [analysis]
213b6cIII 27,18213b2book 14211 35 (cum) annititur: .i. lase arasisedar
[‘i.e. when it stands fast’] [analysis]
215a34zIII 32,3book 14333 35 habeat: ol
[‘because’] [analysis]
216b29yIII 36,12216b7book 14211 35 quod: ol
[‘because’] [analysis]
222b29tIII 52,28222b8book 1435 4228 ut: amal ata comṡuidigthi sidi
[‘as these are compounds’] [analysis]
242b21eIII 124,2242b1book 1735 211 fiunt: .cairhe biit [analysis]
Rijcklof Hofman, Pádraic Moran, Bernhard Bauer, St Gall Priscian Glosses, version 2.1 (2023) <> [accessed 14 June 2024]