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MSGlossKeil, GLThes.PriscianType(s)Lemma: gloss
2a27zII 3,9Praefatio3114 singulis: .i. dativus
6a2dII 11,12book 13114 digammae: dativus {cf. E 6v8 dativus casus}
6b12oII 12,14book 13114 u: dond .u.
[‘to the u’] [analysis]
7a3bII 13,77a2book 1211 3114 *se: occi
[‘at it’] [analysis]
9b1cII 19,12book 13114 dativus
9b8tII 19,16book 13114 r (litterae): dativus {= E 9r17 .i. add. E}
9b13aaII 19,19book 13114 loco: dativus {= E 9r20}
15b22ddII 32,16book 13114 221 doris: accusativus grecus {= E 12v24 .i. add. E}
19a15fII 40,119a2book 1211 3114 *diptongo: arin deogur
[‘from the diphthong’] [analysis]
22a12lII 46,3book 23114 antecedenti: .i. dativus {= E 16v21}
30b25aaII 62,16book 23114 541 formam: .i. hoc est forma greca a genitivo proprii nominis formari
31a3eII 63,2book 2543 3114 formae: .i. {dativus} in des {= E 21v7}
[‘i.e. { a dative case,} in ‘-des’’] [analysis]
39b6aII 84,5book 33114 3116 illi (nominibus): .i. dativus vel ablativus
46a4aII 103,5book 33114 nominativo: dativus
46a41bbII 104,20book 33114 [no]minativo: dativus
50b31iiII 119,9book 43114 genitivo: dativus
58b25kII 136,13book 43114 euphoniae: dativus {= E 39r10}
62b19gII 145,14book 53114 +mancipi: dativus a manceps
63a40ccII 147,20book 53114 appellativis: dativus {= E 42r15}
63b30qII 148,24book 53114 glorioso: dativus {= E 42v4}
66b22zII 158,23book 53114 imis: dativus
72a22rII 174,8book 53114 nominativo: .i. dativus
92b22oII 204,20book 64221 3114 mancipi: .i. dativus
104b1aII 247,16book 63114 543 timarcididi: .i. dativus
118b11eII 297,19book 73114 543 orphi: dativus graecus
119a9cII 298,22book 73114 312 isdem: .i. dativus ⁊ ablativus plura {{3116}} lis
143a41rII 391,17book 83114 vitae: dativus
148a21lII 407,15book 83114 auctores: .i. apud
156b38kII 434,11156b7book 83114 336[?] agen[tibus]: (m.d.) donaib hí gníte {= K 65v17 g .i. dunaib hí gníte}
[‘i.e. to those that do’] [analysis]
173b20"dII 492,4book 93114 *sopina: .i. per
183a6dII 529,19book 103114 313 levi: .i. dativus nominis quod est levis
200a30rII 586,17book 123114 primae: dativus
200a30sII 586,17book 123114 secundae: dativus
201b12fII 590,5201b2book 123114 561?[?] [cenae]dis: .i. donaib cenelaibsin
[‘i.e. to those kinds’] [analysis]
209b5hIII 16,16209b6book 133114 4227 nominativo: dond ainmnid no bia do ṡui
[‘to the nominative which would be to sui’] [analysis]
212a20mIII 24,7212a2book 14543 3114 preposu[isse]: .i. in urdd dorannaib/ nephdilledchaib/ .i. domin/rannaib
[‘i.e. in order, to the indeclinable parts (of speech), i.e. to the lesser parts (of speech)’] [analysis]
218b10cIII 40,18book 143114 loco: dativus
218b35uIII 41,11book 143114 loco: dativus
Rijcklof Hofman, Pádraic Moran, Bernhard Bauer, St Gall Priscian Glosses, version 2.1 (2023) <> [accessed 13 July 2024]