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MSGlossKeil, GLThes.PriscianType(s)Lemma: gloss
1a15gII 1,6Praefatio3116 58 grammatica: vel ablativus
2b8gII 3,192b1Praefatio211 3116 denominativis: .i. dinaib déainmmnichdechaib
[‘i.e. about the denominatives’] [analysis]
5a8dII 9,13book 13116 z: .i. ablativus {= E 5v25 .i. om. E (A vel B)}
9b7sII 19,159b8book 13116 vocalibus: ar [analysis]
16a36ppII 34,1book 13116 hoc: .i. ablativus {= E 13r18 .i. om. E}
19b12hII 41,8book 13116 e (correpta): .i. ablativus {= E 15r19}
19b14lII 41,8book 13116 (ei) diptongo: ablativus {= E 15r19}
21b23wII 45,14book 23116 421 in: .i. dictionibus
27b40llII 57,227b17book 2211 3116 [tri]buendo: .i. o thindnacul
[‘i.e. from bestowing’] [analysis]
31b24ooII 65,15book 2423 3116 [ter]minata: .i. forma .i. ablativus
32b28ccII 68,1132b7book 2543 3116 [acr]sione: .i. uand aitherrechtaigthiu atá a n-aitrebthach .i. acrisioneus is hé a ḟoxlaid ilair-sidi fil sunt.
[‘i.e. from the patronymic (Acrisione) comes the possessive, i.e. Acrisioneus: it is its ablative plural which is here.’] [analysis]
33b33zII 70,1433b8book 23116 211 illigneis (pedibus): huanaib cosaib hilignidib
[‘from the ilignian feet’] [analysis]
35a36xxII 75,835a8book 2211 3116 ([in]) planta: hi claidi
[‘in a digging’] [analysis]
37b28aaII 80,1737b18book 2211 3116 (a) neutro: .i. o nechtar n-aí
[‘i.e. from either of the two’] [analysis]
39b6aII 84,5book 33114 3116 illi (nominibus): .i. dativus vel ablativus
49b30zII 115,849b12book 3543 3116 rotunda (forma): cruind sciath
[‘a round shield’] [analysis]
53a13nII 124,1book 43116 mirteta: ablativus
61a35ddII 142,161a17book 5211 3116 significatione: ó inni
[‘in meaning’] [analysis]
62a14mII 143,18book 53116 leva: ablativus {= E 41r23}
63b11eII 148,10book 53116 regula: ablativus {= E 42r24}
63b11fII 148,10book 53116 greca: ablativus {= E 42r24}
67a29"zII 160,1367a16book 5211 3116 clune: on chochu
[‘with the buttock’] [analysis]
71a14mII 172,8book 53116 3232 *hoc: uandligudsa
[‘by this law’] [analysis]
91b13fII 199,18book 63116 543 [sce]mate: pro ablativo hodie
95b39bbII 217,19book 63116 313 *panthére: .i. ablativus a nominativo panther
100a45aaII 234,2book 63116 apagopa: .i. ablativus
102a17fII 239,12book 63116 313 (cum) calcha: .i. ablativus primae declinationis
103a9cII 242,12book 63116 313 quie: ablativus quintae declinationis
103a11dII 242,14book 63116 quie: ablativus
104b5bII 247,20book 63116 543 *callide: .i. ablativus calles
104b14cII 248,6104b1book 63116 313 tucidide etc.: .i. foxlidi tresdiil [543] inso sís a nominibus tiagdde in .es.
[‘i.e. these below are ablatives of the third declension, from nouns that end in -es’] [analysis]
106a28pII 254,11book 63111 3116 ossis: nominativus vel ablativus a nomine quod est ossum.
109a7cII 264,2book 63116 regula: ablativus
111a30oII 272,8book 63116 313 (ab) oedipo: ablativus secundae
112b25fII 277,18book 63116 *producta: ablativus
132a39fII 350,21132a3book 7211 3116 gausape: ónd lámbrot
[‘from the handkerchief’] [analysis]
137b22xII 370,2137b7book 83116 211 inconsonantia: uand neph-
[‘from the un-’] [analysis]
151b3cII 416,19151b3book 8211 3116 modo: .i. ó modo
[‘i.e. (has need) of modo’] [analysis]
151b3dII 416,19151b4book 8211 3116 pri[dem]: .i. hua pridem
[‘i.e. of pridem’] [analysis]
152b37gII 420,5152b3book 8211 3116 inconsonantia: ónd nephchomḟogur
[‘from the inconsonance’] [analysis]
153a39eII 422,5book 83116 substantia: .i. ablativus
154a9aII 424,3book 83116 541 *persona: .i. ablativus .i. prima
161b28kII 449,12book 83116 internuntia: .i. ablativus
161b34qII 449,18book 83116 eo: .i. ablativus
182a34hII 528,1book 10331 3116 sublatum: aní
[‘that’] [analysis]
199b15xII 584,21199b11book 12543 3116 prepossitis (..difinitionibus): .i. huanaib herchoiltib tóisechaib
[‘i.e. (made use) of the first definitions’] [analysis]
201b24pII 590,21book 123116 313 hoc istoc: .i. ablativi masculini ⁊ neutri
201b24qII 590,21book 123116 313 hac istac: .i. ablativi singulares feminini
201b24rII 590,21book 123116 313 haec istaec: .i. nominativi plurales neutri
203a24ggII 595,9book 123116 mea: ablativus
210a23lIII 18,17book 133116 loco: ablativus
210a26nIII 18,21book 133116 tertia: ablativus
214a37wIII 29,15book 143116 *prosa: .i. in
233a34fIII 93,3book 163116 3221 +quibus: .i. cum quibus partibus
Rijcklof Hofman, Pádraic Moran, Bernhard Bauer, St Gall Priscian Glosses, version 2.1 (2023) <> [accessed 20 July 2024]