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MSGlossKeil, GLThes.PriscianType(s)Lemma: gloss
3b6kII 6,93b3book 1211 3113 eorum: .i. innaní
[‘i.e. of those’] [analysis]
5a27zII 9,275a8book 1211 3113 caloris: .i. in tesa
[‘i.e. of the heat’] [analysis]
7b11mII 14,10book 13113 pompeiii: genitivus
8b25iiII 17,17book 13113 bo[vis]: genitivus
12b8dII 25,2112b2book 13113 211 fortis: .i. genitivus nominis quod est fors .i. in béstaid {= E 11r1 .i. in béstaid om. E, sed add. ut adverbio declaratur cf. K 7v4 a .i. fors}
[‘i.e. the genitive case of the noun ‘fors’ (chance), i.e. habitually’] [analysis]
16a25ccII 33,19book 13113 dictioni[bus]: .i. dativus {= E 13r14 .i. om. E}
19a1aII 39,14book 13113 561 ulixei: a nomine ulixeus
22b28ddII 47,1222b11book 2211 3113 bo*um (v): .i. inna bao
[‘i.e. of the cows’] [analysis]
25b15fII 53,825b2book 23113 543 minima: .i. hi coindeulgg inna innsce óge
[‘i.e. in comparison with the complete discourse’] [analysis]
28a9lII 57,9book 23113 543 propriorum: .i. in propriis .II.
28a9mII 57,9book 23113 543 appellativorum: .i. in appellativis .II.
29a7eII 59,6book 23113 loco: .i. dativus
30b4hII 61,2630b2book 2211 3113 sonorum: .i. inna fogur
[‘i.e. of the sounds’] [analysis]
30b33ooII 62,2130b14book 2211 3113 thesei: .i. indí ṫessei
[‘i.e. of Theseus’] [analysis]
31a10sII 63,7book 2543 3113 formae: .i. nomina propria ⁊ appellativa in una forma {cf. E 21v12 propria &appellativa}
31a19bbII 63,13book 23113 latonois: .i. genitivus {= E 21v16}
31b31yyII 65,20book 23113 313 pelias: .ου. {= E 22r6}
31b32acII 65,20book 23113 313 aeneas: .i. ου {= E 22r7 .i. om. E}
90b37uII 196,24book 63113 alius (alii): ut ostenderet genitivum
91a28gII 198,8book 6543 3113 pro familiae: .i. pro genitivo hodie
92b9fII 204,9book 6221 3113 libies: genitivus graecus
95b16eII 216,12book 625 3113 *abacos: ab abax (m.d.) .i. genitivus graecus
95b17fII 216,12book 63113 *abacis: genitivus latinus
95b17hII 216,13book 63113 *arabis: genitivus latinus
98b1aII 227,4book 63113 uni: .i. genitivus
98b4bII 227,8book 63113 ipsí: .i. genitivus
98b7cII 227,10book 63113 53 toti (familiae): genitivus feminini in .í. ut in pronomine ostendet
98b13fII 227,14book 63113 nulli (utilitati): .i. genitivus
104a9eII 246,1book 63113 313 erodis: .i. genitivus tertiae
104a11fII 246,2book 63113 313 orestis: genitivus tertie
107a10eII 257,9book 63113 lectus: genitivus
107b5aII 259,1book 63113 cibus: genitivus
120a1aII 302,5book 73113 313 λερ[τιου]: .i. genitivus nominis quod {{221}} λερτIος
148b32wII 409,11book 8221 3113 αναγνωτεου: .i. genitivus nominis
201b26wII 590,22201b9book 123113 211 finis: .i. indḟorcinn
[‘i.e. of the termination’] [analysis]
206b22hIII 8,8book 13543 3113 alii: pro alius
206b31kIII 8,17book 133113 543 alius: .i. genitivus hodie
206b33lIII 8,19book 133113 alii (rei): .i. genitivus
Rijcklof Hofman, Pádraic Moran, Bernhard Bauer, St Gall Priscian Glosses, version 2.1 (2023) <> [accessed 25 June 2024]