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Priscian, Ars grammatica: book 4 (De denominatiuis)

Text of Priscian from Hertz ed., Grammatici Latini, vol. II, p. 127 (not a transcription from the St Gall manuscript).

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II 127,1temporibus diuidi: admittĭĕr pro admitti, fĭĕri pro fīri uel fīre, quod
54a35mm127,1book 4331 +ammittier: .i. infinitivus antiqus
54a36127,1book 44121 fire: " (ibid.) quod: " {cf. E 36v1 quod " fire}
54a36nn127,154a16book 43223 quod: ind infinit .in .e. ón. bréthir in .o.
[‘the infinitive in e from the verb in o’] [analysis]
II 127,2magis analogum est, unde Virgilius in IIII georgicon:
II 127,3«at suffire thymo cerasque recidere inanis /
54a37oo127,3book 452 at .. etc.: (m.l.) virgilius {= E 36v1}
54a37pp127,354a17book 4333 211 suffire: fo·timmthiris
[‘that you should fumigate (lit. subminister)’] [analysis]
54a37qq127,354a18book 4211 timo: ó tím .i. flore
[‘with thyme, i.e. with a flower’] [analysis]
II 127,4quis dubitet?»).
II 127,5in ar desinentia deriuatiua si consonantem habeant ante ar,
II 127,6paenultima syllaba producitur, sin uocalem, corripitur, ut caesus Caēsar, lacus
II 127,7lacūnar, lupa lupānar, laqueus autem laquĕar.
54a41rr127,7book 4212 +lacunar: .i. celum templi
54a41ss127,7book 4214 +lupanar: domus meritricum {= K 25r5 a, E 36v3 (B)}
54a42tt127,754a19book 4211 laquear: druimmchlí (subs.) cuitech
[‘ceiling, or pit’] [analysis]
II 127,8in er deriuatiua a nominibus pleraque s et t habent ante er: eques
II 127,9equester, pedes pedester, silua siluester, campus campester, apium
54b2a127,954b1book 4211 571 equester: marcachde .i. idem ⁊ eques síc pedes ⁊ pedester ut alde- dicit {cf. E 36v5 idem &eques. síc &pes}
[‘belonging to a horse-man, i.e. <’equester’ (belonging to a horseman) is> the same as ‘eques’ (horseman). Similarly ‘pedes’ (footsoldier) and ‘pedester’ (pedestrian; plur. foot-soldier) , as Alde- says’] [analysis]
54b2b127,954b2book 4211 pedester: traichthechdae
[‘pedestrian’] [analysis]
54b3c127,9book 4563 apium: nomen holeris reliqua in alio
II 127,10apiaster, olea oleaster. et sciendum, quod a habent ante ster, cum
54b3d127,10book 4313 apiaster: compositum secundum alios erraticos
54b4e127,1054b3book 4543 cum: .i. is and bíid .a. indib .re .ster in tan nád·ṁbí conson etir peneuilt ⁊ uilt isind anmmaimm chétnidiu .-
[‘i.e. then is a in them before -ster when there is no consonant between penult and ultima in the primitive noun’] [analysis]
II 127,11in nomine primae positionis nulla sit consonans inter uocales paenultimae
54b4127,11book 44111 primae: " (54b5=127,11) [posi]tionis: " {= E 36v6 primae " }
54b5127,11book 44112 vocales: " (ibid.) pene[ultimae]: " {cf. E 36v7 penultimae " > ultimae " }
II 127,12et ultimae syllabae, ut apium apiaster, olea oleaster. diminutiua
II 127,13quoque huiuscemodi formae, de quibus iam diximus, a habent ante ster:
II 127,14parasitaster, Antoniaster, Catulaster. alia uero omnia e habent ante
54b8127,14book 44122 parasi[taster]: " (54b9=127,14) antoniaster: " (ibid.) catulaster: " (54b10=127,15) haec: " {= E 36v9, om. E sup. haec}
54b9f127,1454b4book 44226 omnia: preter demminutiva ⁊ inna-hí riam anúas
[‘except the diminutives and those above before (apiaster, oleaster)’] [analysis]
II 127,15ster excepto paluster. et haec quidem denominatiua sunt. sunt autem
54b10g127,1554b5book 4211 paluster: góithlachde
[‘marshy’] [analysis]
54b10h127,1554b6book 4543 3232 haec: con·ecat beta ṅdéainmmnigthecha haec inna-hí tiagta hí ster is ó anmanaib dogrés bíit-sidi
[‘they may be denominatives, or haec, those that end in -ster they are always from nouns’] [analysis]
II 127,16uerbalia, quae uerborum consonantem seruant ante er: rubeo ruber
54b11127,16book 44142 verbalia: ..- (54b16=127,20) fieri: ..-
II 127,17(Horatius in I sermonum:
II 127,18«obscenoque ruber porrectus ab inguine palus»),
54b13127,18book 44111 obscenoque: : (54b14=127,18) iunguine: :
II 127,19piget piger, macero macer.
II 127,20in or et in ur a uerbis inuenio fieri abiectione o, ut coloro
II 127,21color, laboro labor, honoro honor, decoro decor, adoro ador,
54b24''i127,21book 4214 +ador: .i. genus farris
54b24''k127,21book 4313 +ador: indeclinabile
II 127,22murmuro murmur, auguro augur, saturo satur: hoc tamen facit et
II 127,23femininum satura et neutrum saturum. alia uero in or desinentia
II 127,24assumunt uerbo r: amo amor, furo (unde furens) furor; alia a nominibus
54b42''l127,2454b7book 4211 331 furo: bruthnaigim (subs.) tertie coniugationis
[‘I am furious. to the third conjugation’] [analysis]
54b17"m127,24book 4331 59 furens: as coimtig
[‘that is usual’] [analysis]
54b17"127,24book 44111 nominibus: " (54b18"=127,25) participiis: " (ibid.) disinenti[bus]: " {cf. E 36v18 participiis .-}
II 127,25uel participiis in us desinentibus fiunt mutatione us in or: senatus
II 127,26senator, dictatus dictator, tonsus tonsor.
54b20"n127,2654b9book 4211 senator: senatóir
[‘senator’] [analysis]
54b21"o127,2654b10book 4211 [dic]tator: dictatóir
[‘dictator’] [analysis]
54b21p127,2654b11book 4211 tonsor: berrthaid
[‘barber’] [analysis]
II 127,27in as pleraque denominatiua sunt, quorum primitiua, si sint
II 127,28secundae declinationis, genetiuo, sin tertiae, datiuo assumunt tas, i


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St Gall, Stiftsbibliothek, 904 (a. 851)
Leiden, Universiteitsbibliotheek, BPL 67 (a. 838)
Karlsruhe, Badische Landesbibliothek, Aug. perg. CXXXII (s. IXb)
Paris, Bibliothèque nationale, Latin 10290 (s. IXc–d)
Milan, Biblioteca Ambrosiana, Cod. A 138 sup. (s. IX)
Dublin, Trinity College, MS 229 (C.1.8) (s. XI)


[ ]
the enclosed part is in the preceding or following line in the MS
the gloss is not in the hand of the usual glossator A (in all MSS)
the gloss explains a corrupt lemma and/or sentence


id est/ed-ón
= spiritus asper
< >
part of the gloss is illegible [note: < > sometimes also enclose later additions in the MS; these are being revised and distinguished with ( )]
[ ]
letters which should be deleted
letters marked as deleted (but legible) in the MS
Rijcklof Hofman, Pádraic Moran, Bernhard Bauer, St Gall Priscian Glosses, version 2.1 (2023) <> [accessed 25 February 2024]