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Priscian, Ars grammatica: book 7 (De ceteris casibus)

Text of Priscian from Hertz ed., Grammatici Latini, vol. II, p. 289 (not a transcription from the St Gall manuscript).

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II 289,1Ouidius in XIII metamorphoseon:
II 289,2«tuque tuis armis, nos te poteremur, Achille».
115b33r289,2book 752 +(m.l.) -v (Ovidius citatur)
115b33289,2146book 713 túque tuís armís nós te .. etc.
II 289,3idem in XII:
II 289,4«armiger ille tui fuerat genitoris, Achille»).
115b35s289,4book 752 +(m.l.) -v (Ovidius citatur)
II 289,5nec mirum, cum Graecorum quoque poetae similiter inueniantur protulisse
II 289,6uocatiuos in supra dicta terminatione. Ἀνακρέων·
115b37t289,6book 73232 (in) supradicta (terminatio[ne]): .i. in .é.
II 289,7«ἥλιε καλλιλαμπέτη»
II 289,8posuit pro καλλιλαμπέτα, Ἱππῶναξ·
II 289,9«εὔηθες κριτή»
115b40u289,9book 73112 221 capite: vocativus graecus
[‘Greek vocativ’]
II 289,10pro κριτά, et Apollonius Argonauticorum in III:
115b40w289,10115b1abook 7543 capita: baed báriagoldae
[‘it were this that would be regular’] [analysis]
II 289,11«Αἰήτη, κείνην μὲν ἄφαρ διέχευαν ἄελλαι»
II 289,12pro Αἰήτα, in eodem:
II 289,13«Αἰήτη, σχέω μοι τῷδε στόλῳ, οὔτι γὰρ αὔτως»
II 289,14[in femininis etiam]. Alcaeus Νήρη pro Νήρης posuit et


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Conspectus siglorum


St Gall, Stiftsbibliothek, 904 (a. 851)
Leiden, Universiteitsbibliotheek, BPL 67 (a. 838)
Karlsruhe, Badische Landesbibliothek, Aug. perg. CXXXII (s. IXb)
Paris, Bibliothèque nationale, Latin 10290 (s. IXc–d)
Milan, Biblioteca Ambrosiana, Cod. A 138 sup. (s. IX)
Dublin, Trinity College, MS 229 (C.1.8) (s. XI)


[ ]
the enclosed part is in the preceding or following line in the MS
the gloss is not in the hand of the usual glossator A (in all MSS)
the gloss explains a corrupt lemma and/or sentence


id est/ed-ón
= spiritus asper
< >
part of the gloss is illegible [note: < > sometimes also enclose later additions in the MS; these are being revised and distinguished with ( )]
[ ]
letters which should be deleted
letters marked as deleted (but legible) in the MS
Rijcklof Hofman, Pádraic Moran, Bernhard Bauer, St Gall Priscian Glosses, version 2.1 (2023) <> [accessed 25 April 2024]