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Priscian, Ars grammatica: book 7 (De ceteris casibus)

Text of Priscian from Hertz ed., Grammatici Latini, vol. II, p. 313 (not a transcription from the St Gall manuscript).

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II 313,1in ul breuem masculini uel communis Latina: hic consŭl huius
II 313,2consulis, hic et haec exŭl huius exulis.
II 313,3in an productam masculina Graeca: hic Paeān huius Paeanis.
II 313,4in en correptam Latina masculina uel neutra: hic flamĕn huius
122b31"m313,4book 7214 563 flamen: .i. genus sacerdotii.- reliqua .ag-. (agroecius?) (Augustinus?}
II 313,5flaminis, hoc numĕn huius numinis.
II 313,6in en productam Latina uel Graeca masculini uel feminini generis:
II 313,7hic liēn huius lienis, haec Sirēn huius Sirenis.
II 313,8in in productam Graeca masculina uel feminina: hic delphīn huius
II 313,9delphinis, haec Trachīn huius Trachinis.
II 313,10in on productam Graeca masculina uel feminina: hic Memnōn
II 313,11huius Memnonis, haec Sidōn huius Sidonis.
II 313,12in ar correptam Latina et Graeca et barbara masculini uel neutri
II 313,13generis: hic Caesăr huius Caesaris, hic Bostăr huius Bostaris, hoc
122b41"n313,13book 7543 caesar: .i. latinum
122b41"o313,13122a2book 7543 215 nectar: .i. grec céit grinne fíno
[‘i.e. Greek: the first dropping of wine’] [analysis]
122b41"p313,13book 7212 +nectar: (m.i.) potum caeleste
122b42"r313,13book 7543 bostar: .i. barbarum
122b42"s313,13book 7?[?] (m.d.) t
II 313,14nectăr huius nectaris, hoc calcăr huius calcaris.
122b42"q313,14book 7543 calcar: latinum
II 313,15in ar productam Latina masculini uel communis uel neutri
II 313,16generis, et sunt uel monosyllaba uel ex monosyllabis composita: hic Nār huius
II 313,17Naris, hic et haec et hoc pār huius paris, dispār disparis, hoc fār
II 313,18huius farris.
II 313,19in er correptam masculina, feminina et neutra et communia, ut
II 313,20hic patĕr huius patris, haec matĕr huius matris, hoc tubĕr huius
II 313,21tuberis, hic et haec paupĕr huius pauperis.
II 313,22in er productam Graeca masculina et unum Latinum uel magis
II 313,23nothum neutri generis: hic aēr huius aeris, hoc uer huius ueris.
II 313,24in ir unum femininum, haec Gaddir huius Gaddiris. quidam
II 313,25addunt hic abaddir, ὁ βαίτυλος, huius abaddiris, lapis, quem pro Ioue
II 313,26deuorauit Saturnus, sed in usu hoc non inueni.
123a12a313,26book 7541 inveni: .i. declinatum {cf. K 49v51 a .i. genitivum}
II 313,27in or correptam masculina et feminina et neutra et communia tam


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Conspectus siglorum


St Gall, Stiftsbibliothek, 904 (a. 851)
Leiden, Universiteitsbibliotheek, BPL 67 (a. 838)
Karlsruhe, Badische Landesbibliothek, Aug. perg. CXXXII (s. IXb)
Paris, Bibliothèque nationale, Latin 10290 (s. IXc–d)
Milan, Biblioteca Ambrosiana, Cod. A 138 sup. (s. IX)
Dublin, Trinity College, MS 229 (C.1.8) (s. XI)


[ ]
the enclosed part is in the preceding or following line in the MS
the gloss is not in the hand of the usual glossator A (in all MSS)
the gloss explains a corrupt lemma and/or sentence


id est/ed-ón
= spiritus asper
< >
part of the gloss is illegible [note: < > sometimes also enclose later additions in the MS; these are being revised and distinguished with ( )]
[ ]
letters which should be deleted
letters marked as deleted (but legible) in the MS
Rijcklof Hofman, Pádraic Moran, Bernhard Bauer, St Gall Priscian Glosses, version 2.1 (2023) <> [accessed 20 May 2024]