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Grammatici Latini II, p. 311: Priscian, book 7 (De ceteris casibus)

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Point to any link below for more information. Note that the text of Priscian below is that of Hertz’s edition, and that of the St Gall manuscript may differ. (See introduction for further notes.)

II 311,1Iuuenalis similiter in II:
II 311,2«tune duos una, saeuissima uipera, cena, /
II 311,3tune duos?».
II 311,4datiuos uero et ablatiuos in bus terminant in omni genere: duobus
II 311,5duabus, ambobus ambabus.
II 311,6

de accusatiuo plurali secundae declinationis

II 311,7accusatiuus pluralis secundae declinationis in masculino et feminino
122a33311,7book 74142 masculino: " (ibid.) feminino: " (122a36=311,9) enim: "
II 311,8genere fit ablatiuo singulari addita s: a docto: hos doctos, a platano:
II 311,9has platanos. neutra enim semper accusatiuum similem habent nominatiuo
II 311,10et uocatiuo.
II 311,11

de tertiae declinationis terminationibus

II 311,12tertia declinatio terminationes habet nominatiui septuaginta octo uel
II 311,13paulo plus. desinit enim in a correptam et in e correptam, in o
122a39k311,13book 7541 paulo (plus): quia dicitur bogud ⁊ aliud.
II 311,14correptam, in o productam, in al correptam, in el correptam, in el
II 311,15productam, in il correptam, in ol productam, in ul breuem, in an
122a42l311,15book 759 52 in ul (brevem): (subs.) X
II 311,16productam, in en correptam, in en productam, in in productam, in
II 311,17on productam, in ar correptam, in ar productam, in er correptam,
II 311,18in er productam, in ir correptam, in or correptam, in ur
122b9''a311,18book 759 52 in ir (correptam): (m.l.) XX
II 311,19correptam, in ur productam, in as correptam, in as productam, in es
II 311,20correptam, in es productam, in is correptam, in is productam, in
II 311,21os correptam, in os productam, in us correptam, in us productam,
122b19''b311,21book 759 52 in os (correptam): (m.l.) XXX
II 311,22in ys, in aes, in aus, in ans, in ens, in ons, in uns, in yns,
122b29''c311,22book 759 52 in uns: (m.l.) XL
122b30''d311,22book 7543 ([in uns]) utraque: .i. brevem ⁊ longuam
II 311,23in ars, in ers, in ors, in urs, in uls, in ems, in abs, in ebs
II 311,24correptam, in ebs productam, in obs, in ybs, in urbs, in aps, in
122b40''e311,24book 759 52 in ebs (productam): (m.l.) L


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