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Priscian, Ars grammatica: book 5 (De generibus, de numeris, de figuris, de casu)

Text of Priscian from Hertz ed., Grammatici Latini, vol. II, p. 153 (not a transcription from the St Gall manuscript).

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II 153,1«alacris palmas utrasque tetendit».
64b30153,1book 54111 palmas: : (ibid.) utrasque: :
II 153,2idem in V:
64b31u153,2book 552 idem: (m.l.) virgilius
II 153,3«ergo alacris cunctosque putans excedere palma».
64b31w153,3book 5572 alacris: .i. dares
[‘i.e. Dares’]
II 153,4Terentius in eunucho:
64b34153, 54145 cheream: .- (64b34=153,5) alacris: .-
II 153,5«quid tu es tristis? quidue es alacris?».
II 153,6Naeuius in carmine belli Punici:
64b35x153,664b9book 5211 (belli) punici: in chocda afracdai
[‘of the African war’] [analysis]
II 153,7«fames acer /
II 153,8augescit hostibus».
II 153,9Ennius in XVI:
II 153,10«aestatem autumnus sequitur, post acer hiems».
64b37153,10book 54111 acer: " (64b38=153,10) hiems: "
II 153,11idem in XII:
II 153,12«omneis mortaleis uictores cordibus uiuis /
II 153,13laetanteis uino curatos somnus repente /
64b40153,13book 54111 somnus: ., (64b41=153,14) acris: .,
II 153,14in campo passim mollissimus perculit acris».
II 153,15frequentior tamen usus in er profert masculina et in is feminina,
II 153,16quorum neutra semper in e finiuntur (hic uolucer et haec uolucris et
II 153,17hoc uolucre facit. Horatius in IIII carminum:
II 153,18«inclusit uolucris dies»).
II 153,19in ir masculina sunt, ut hic uir, leuir, Treuir, abaddir. unum
65a6a153,19book 5212 levir: (m.l.) cicero levir vir vel homo
65a7b153,19app.65a1book 559 lapis: níbu machdath do·rónta dia dind liac
[‘it was no wonder that a god should have been made of the stone’] [analysis]
65a7153, 54121 lapis: : (65a8=153,19 app. cr.) quem (greci): :


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Conspectus siglorum


St Gall, Stiftsbibliothek, 904 (a. 851)
Leiden, Universiteitsbibliotheek, BPL 67 (a. 838)
Karlsruhe, Badische Landesbibliothek, Aug. perg. CXXXII (s. IXb)
Paris, Bibliothèque nationale, Latin 10290 (s. IXc–d)
Milan, Biblioteca Ambrosiana, Cod. A 138 sup. (s. IX)
Dublin, Trinity College, MS 229 (C.1.8) (s. XI)


[ ]
the enclosed part is in the preceding or following line in the MS
the gloss is not in the hand of the usual glossator A (in all MSS)
the gloss explains a corrupt lemma and/or sentence


id est/ed-ón
= spiritus asper
< >
part of the gloss is illegible [note: < > sometimes also enclose later additions in the MS; these are being revised and distinguished with ( )]
[ ]
letters which should be deleted
letters marked as deleted (but legible) in the MS
Rijcklof Hofman, Pádraic Moran, Bernhard Bauer, St Gall Priscian Glosses, version 2.1 (2023) <> [accessed 20 July 2024]