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MSGlossKeil, GLThes.PriscianType(s)Lemma: gloss
4b35kkII 9,64b14book 1543 (vox) literalis: .i. rann insce ní·turgabar ade didiu ⁊ ni·ro-graigther cen guttai
[‘i.e. a part of speech; this then is not produced, nor can it be pronounced without vowels’]

Old Irish elements

Word formHeadwordWord classSub-classMorph.MeaningVoiceRelative?
rannrann [DIL]nounf, ā
insceinsce [DIL]nounf, i̯ā, a saying
ní 5 [DIL]particlenegative
tdo 4particlepreverb*to-ari-uss-gabi- (?)
urfor 2particlepreverb*to-ari-uss-gabi- (?)
-as 2 (uss)particlepreverb*to-ari-uss-gabi- (?)
ní·turgabardo·furgaib [DIL]verbBII3sg.pres.ind.pass.raises, lifts up, producesPassive
adeside [DIL]pronoun, subject of verb
didiudidiu [DIL]particletransitionalin logical sequence, drawing a conclusion: therefore, then
7ocus [DIL]conjunction (leniting)coordinatingjoining two sentences or clausesand
niní 5 [DIL]particlenegativewith other verbs
roro 1 [DIL]particlepreverbconditional ro
ni·rograigther [leg. ní rofograigther]fograigidir [DIL]verbAII3sg.pres.subj.pass.emits a sound, sounds, resoundsPassiveY
cencen [DIL]preposition, with acc; lenitingacc.with abstracts (including verbal nouns): without, not having, -less
guttaguttae [DIL]nounf, i̯ā
Rijcklof Hofman, Pádraic Moran, Bernhard Bauer, St Gall Priscian Glosses, version 2.1 (2023) <> [accessed 25 April 2024]