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Priscian, Ars grammatica: book 7 (De ceteris casibus)

Text of Priscian from Hertz ed., Grammatici Latini, vol. II, p. 323 (not a transcription from the St Gall manuscript).

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II 323,1producatur, ut Φοῖνιξ Φοίνικος, βόμβυξ βόμβυκος, a uero secundum
II 323,2genetiuum etiam in nominatiuo produci uel corripi dicunt, ut κόλαξ κόλακος
II 323,3corripitur in nominatiuo, quoniam et in genetiuo corripitur, Φαίαξ uero
II 323,4Φαίακος in utroque producitur. Latini tamen omnes uocales bitempores,
125b18323,4book 74123 tamen: " (125b19=323,5) habentes: "
II 323,5id est, habentes, ad genetiuum respicientes dicunt produci uel
II 323,6corripi uocales ante x positas in nominatiuo. inueniuntur igitur in ix
II 323,7productam Latina, ut ostendi, feminina uel omnis: haec nutrīx huius
II 323,8nutrīcis, hic et haec et hoc pernīx huius pernīcis.
II 323,9in ox correptam femininum: nŏx noctis, et ex hoc compositum
II 323,10commune: hic et haec et hoc pernŏx pernoctis. Iuuenalis:
II 323,11«si luditur alea pernox».
125b26323,11book 74111 alea: ., (ibid.) pernox: .,
II 323,12in ox productam femininum uel omnis: haec uōx huius uocis, hic
II 323,13et haec et hoc uelōx huius uelocis, atrōx atrocis.
II 323,14in ux correptam masculina uel feminina: hic Volŭx huius Volucis,
II 323,15haec nŭx huius nucis.
II 323,16in ux productam masculinum: hic Pollūx huius Pollucis,
II 323,17femininum: haec lūx huius lucis.
II 323,18in yx Graeca tam masculina quam feminina: hic sandyx huius
125b31323,18book 758 (m.l.) . (haex add. s.m. de dunne ante sandyx)
II 323,19sandycis, haec Styx huius Stygis.
II 323,20in aex femininum: haec faex huius faecis.
II 323,21in aux unum femininum: haec faux huius faucis.
II 323,22in alx unum femininum: haec falx huius falcis.
II 323,23in anx unum: haec lanx huius lancis.


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Conspectus siglorum


St Gall, Stiftsbibliothek, 904 (a. 851)
Leiden, Universiteitsbibliotheek, BPL 67 (a. 838)
Karlsruhe, Badische Landesbibliothek, Aug. perg. CXXXII (s. IXb)
Paris, Bibliothèque nationale, Latin 10290 (s. IXc–d)
Milan, Biblioteca Ambrosiana, Cod. A 138 sup. (s. IX)
Dublin, Trinity College, MS 229 (C.1.8) (s. XI)


[ ]
the enclosed part is in the preceding or following line in the MS
the gloss is not in the hand of the usual glossator A (in all MSS)
the gloss explains a corrupt lemma and/or sentence


id est/ed-ón
= spiritus asper
< >
part of the gloss is illegible [note: < > sometimes also enclose later additions in the MS; these are being revised and distinguished with ( )]
[ ]
letters which should be deleted
letters marked as deleted (but legible) in the MS
Rijcklof Hofman, Pádraic Moran, Bernhard Bauer, St Gall Priscian Glosses, version 2.1 (2023) <> [accessed 25 April 2024]