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Grammatici Latini II, p. 240: Priscian, book 6 (De nominatiuo et genetiuo casu)

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Point to any link below for more information. Note that the text of Priscian below is that of Hertz’s edition, and that of the St Gall manuscript may differ. The gloss you selected is highlighted in yellow. (See introduction for further notes.)

II 240,1«Πουλυδάμα, σὺ μὲν οὐκέτι μοι φίλα ταῦτ᾽ ἀγορεύεις».
II 240,2Πουλυδάμα dixit pro Πουλυδάμαν. Menander quoque in Dardano:
102a31240,2book 64144 ιπολαμα: .- (102a32=240,2) υπολαμαν: .-
102a32n240,2book 6221 προ: .i. pro
102a32o240,2book 6566[?] menander: proprium
102a32p240,2book 6566[?] dar[dano]: nomen artis
II 240,3«Δρία παῖ, δειπνοποιεῖσθαι τί δεῖ;»
II 240,4παῖ Δρία dixit pro Δρίαν.
II 240,5in es correptam Latina masculini uel communis generis cum sint,
II 240,6mutant e in i ablata s et addita tis faciunt genetiuum, ut hic milĕs huius
II 240,7militis, tramĕs tramitis, termĕs termitis, mergĕs mergitis, hic et
102a37q240,7102a2, 2abook 6211 212 termes: (subs.) .i. lind te (m.l.) cicero/ termes . fer/vor {cf. K 41r21 a .i. fervor}
[‘i.e. hot pool’] [analysis]
II 240,8haec sospĕs sospitis, pedĕs peditis, equĕs equitis, hic et haec
102a38r240,8book 655 215 sospes: .i. sosum petens
II 240,9superstĕs huius superstitis, gurgĕs gurgitis, hic et haec diuĕs diuitis.
II 240,10excipiuntur haec, quae habent paenultimam ae diphthongum uel a uerbis
102a40s240,10book 6542 excipi[untur]: non motant e. in .i.
102a41240,10book 64121 haec: ..- (102b2=240,11) quae: ..-
102a41240,10book 64144 ae: . (102b3=240,12) prepes: .
102b1240,10book 64111 verbís: : (102b2=240,11) habentibus: :
II 240,11deriuantur in paenultima syllaba e habentibus breuem, quae e seruant in
102b2240,11book 658 (m.l.) ., (breve Ms. leg. brevem)
II 240,12genetiuo, ut hic et haec et hoc praepĕs praepetis, tĕro teris, hic
102b3a240,12book 6215 prepes: .i. qui vel quae in altum volat (m.d.) vel quod
II 240,13et haec et hoc terĕs teretis, hebĕo hebes, hic et haec et hoc
102b4b240,13book 6212 hebeo: tremo
102b5c240,13book 6212 (hoc) hebes: tardus .a .um


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