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MSGlossKeil, GLThes.PriscianType(s)Lemma: gloss
51b9bII 120,1751b2book 434 omnimodo: etir aicned ⁊ suidigud
[‘both by nature and position’]

Old Irish elements

Word formHeadwordWord classSub-classMorph.MeaningVoiceRelative?
etireter 1 [DIL]preposition, with accacc.both
aicnedaicned [DIL]nounn,, inherent quality, essence
7ocus [DIL]conjunction (leniting)coordinatingjoining two nounsand
suidigudsuidiugud [DIL]nounm,
Rijcklof Hofman, Pádraic Moran, Bernhard Bauer, St Gall Priscian Glosses, version 2.1 (2023) <> [accessed 25 April 2024]